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Youth Leadership programs

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Leadership development in youth aims at developing attitudes, mindsets and values that will foster confidence, self expression and a sense of balance and well being for and within any youth.

“Working Together” course for students


All of today’s students will have to work in teams in the future, as leaders or members, both in their academic students and when they join the work force at any level or in any industry.   This course aims to prepare them for that future, by teaching them effective leadership and team member skills, allowing them to practise these skills in activities and to get feedback on their behaviour.  Because most people become bored sitting in classrooms for long periods of time, this course includes outdoor activities which are challenging as well as being great fun, and which enable students to apply the skills and theory they are learning.

Every student will have the opportunity to lead a group in an activity, and will be team members of the other exercises. For most students this course results in a significant behavioural shift, particularly in the areas of effective listening, encouraging contributions from others, and accepting decisions of the leader.

Courses length:

Courses can be from one to three days in length, with the most effective program being the three day course as this allows time for growth through personal and team reflection.

Workshop purpose:

To understand the models and concepts which enable people to work together happily and well in teams, to develop leadership skills and to practise using them.

Workshop outcomes:

Participants will:

  1. have an understanding of effective teamwork skills
  2. develop their skills as team leaders and team members
  3. understand culture change