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Youth Empowerment programs

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OIA has created a unique approach and methodology for Youth Empowerment programs. This unique approach will help any Youth to deal with the question of motivation and responsibility.

Guiding principles:

  • Creating a safe space of attentive listening and authentic self-expression, Youth are coached into dealing with their own contradictions and expectations and equipped with tools, mindset and perspective that will help them in the area of motivation, and leadership. In addition, it will help them grow willingness to take ownership and responsibility in their life – for them and for others.
  • Passion is our Mission: transmit passion and fun to make learning a life experience helping youth to grow and develop
  • Clear objectives for growth
    • Personal growth
    • Self-actualization
    • Character building
    • Responsibility towards Self, others and Society


Using what we stand for – experiential learning – OIA customizes “training workshops” depending on time available, age of the participants and specific area of focus – for example: Personal effectiveness / Financial literacy / Collaborative skills / Relationship Boys – Girls…. Hence OIA is able to tailor the program to specific learning goals, while remaining consistent with our approach.

For each ‘training workshop’, we chose among 4 types of activities as described below. we love working with these 4 types of activities because we believe they offer an attractive and promising combination

  • Blue activities: rhythm, drums and dance field
  • Red activities: drama and theatre field
  • Green activities: Outdoors, Teambuilding and leadership skills through group games, problem solving games and the outdoors
  • Yellow activities: information processing, discussion (groups, forums), sharing sessions to achieve various purposes: introspection, understanding

Example of Empowerment workshops: Training Coca-Cola youth volunteers for Youth Olympics Singapore 2010