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Training & Leadership

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The classroom is not anymore the ideal setup for corporate training and leadership. The key word today is engagement and at OIA engagement of human capital, leadership and collaborative skills are our expertise. To help us support our client - better and deeper – we set up the OIA Learning Hub: a learning platform dedicated to engaged experiential learning for leadership and collaborative skills.

Welcome to OIA Learning Hub!

OIA Learning Hub follows a unique design that allows a flexible delivery and offers the possibility to power up and accelerate the learning by coupling the classroom session with tailored experiential engagement solutions and team buildings.

OIA Learning Hub’s MissionOIA Holistic Approach - Training Experiential Approaches
Training The Facilitation Process - Training Lesson plan and Training Material

OIA Learning Services: 5 Ranges of Service to Make Business Sense

Teamwork – click here
OIA specialises in collaborative skill development: helping people and organisation work together, build together, develop together, co-create and synergise.
Download OIA Sustainable Teambuilding Framework

Training for soft skills – click here

OIA Learning consultants are offering their time and expertise to corporate clients to provide a simple but comprehensive framework addressing human capital needs of the clients. Besides building teams, soft skills and competencies need to be developed and people need to be trained. Again, OIA stands in a unique position to make the usual training solutions more engaging, fun and fruitful.

Talent and Leadership development – click here

Leadership development is a most critical area for any organisation because it impacts almost any part of the organisation is doing: chiefly leadership is about transforming dreams, vision, and projects into reality. It is about dealing and managing the human capital in the organisation in order to achieve its goal.

Some of the key issues at stake are:
- Where to find the right leaders for where the company / team is going
- How to develop leaders? How to spot talented individuals willing and able to lead the future teams?
- Ensuring alignment between the team leaders and the team members?
- Developing a culture of “inspiring leadership”, i.e. promoting the idea that more people can take leadership role. If such is done, for sure productivity will increase and more will be boosted

Profiling – click here

At the foundation of teamwork, soft skills training or leadership development lies a few simple principles: openness about oneself and others, willingness to learn and the ability to look beyond “right and wrong”, “success or failure”… In fact every modicum of success implies a degree of failure, trials and errors. As individual the sooner we learn to accept our strength and weaknesses, our successes and our failures, the faster we will be on track for extra-ordinary performances and results.
Profiling tools – when they are tested and their reliability proven – are effective ways to achieve just about that.

Organizational Development (OD) – click here

OD (Organizational Development) is the framework for a change process designed to lead to desirable positive impact to all stakeholders and the environment.
OIA will be able to provide consultancy for the following OD aspects:

  • Change management
  • Culture Management
  • Strategic planning

To check various Learning Case Studies – click here