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Choosing a Venue

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Choose the right program for the right location for your next teambuilding: below is a chart matching specific programs with specific venues


Indoor space / Hotel

Teambuilding activities






Trainings & Leadership activities

City Gen Next

Domino Effect

Clay Studio

Missing Master Piece

MasterChef Cooking boot Camp

CSI – Murder Case

Boom Boom Drums (if hotel allows)

Tube Symphony

Dancing to One Beat

Circus Focus


Open space (beach with tentage of hotel ground)

Peak Performance
F1 On Track

Beach & Park

The Mission

Island Survivors

Pirate Odyssey

Raft Building

Asian Traders

Sentosa Imbiah Race

Passionate Together

Sand City

Leaping Dragons

Outrigger Canoe

Sea Sand Sun

Cruising Sailing Yatching



Stadium / Big space

Play To Win

Dancing to One Beat

Spirit of Conquest