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Your Business Needs

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What are you looking for?

BUSINESS NEEDS: OIA has designed teambuilding solutions to answer various business needs

The chart below will help you find the best possible match

Business needs:

Learning focus:

Recommended programs

Bonding and basics of teamwork


Conflict resolution



Island Survivors

Pirate Odyssey

Most outdoors program: Rafting, Dragon Boat

Corporate trainings

Soft skill trainings

Cross-cultural team management

Conflict resolution


Motivation and developing highly motivated teams

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Peak Performance

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Leadership development

Working together

Team leadership

Team membership

Inspiring leadership

Servant leadership

Conscious leadership

Leading from the back

Situational leadership


Working together

Working together

Working together

Inspiring Leadership

Inspiring Leadership

Inspiring Leadership

Peak Performance

The Mission

Staff motivation


Collaborative skills

Group and Individual Creative expression


Dancing to One Beat

Circus Focus

Sales leadership

Keeping Focus & Motivated

Presenting with Passion

Creating the extra-ordinary out of the ordinary

Asian Traders

Masterchef Cooking Boot Camp

Missing Master Piece

Boom Boom Groove



Team learning

Establishing a dialogue

Moderating discussion

Listening and learning from each others

Conflict resolution


Peak Performance

CSI - Murder Case

The Mission

Boom Boom Drum / Groove


Collaboration in competition


Pirate Odyssey: as pirates fiercely compete, will they be able to develop and use collaborative strategies among teams?


Building a shared vision

Seeing the Big Picture

Sharing the vision

Owning the vision

Turning the vision into reality

Missing Master Piece

Masters at Work

Masters at Work

Masters at Work

Creating alignment in the business

Turning goals and objectives into reality

Full engagement

Content Integration


Missing Master Piece

Master at Work

Master at Work