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Team work

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The word “teamwork” says it all. But it also says too little or too much and is often misused as a generic, broad category focusing as much on the success of a team as its happiness, motivation or just the fact that they can get along. If teamwork is to be taken seriously, then it is nothing less than what it says: ensuring that a team is able to perform the task and achieve the goals for which it was constituted.

  • Team coaching:

    Therefore teamwork is broad and means sustaining efforts towards and within the team to help ensure that the team performs (trust, support, overcoming obstacle and conflict, mission, vision, alignment…)
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  • Shared Visioning & Strategic Planning

    A team is only as good as it enables its members to achieve specific goals, complete a project etc… Therefore the power and effectiveness of the team need to be harnessed to a vision. A vision to be effective cannot stand-alone – the vision of a leader for example – it needs to be shared. A shared vision is truly owned by every stakeholder. From there, it becomes possible to talk about commitments and accountability towards results. In addition, a level of measurement of achievement should be reviewed.
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