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Supervisory Skills - Managerial Skills

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PROGRAM 1: Developing supervisory skills click here for more

The Program Design:
The program has been designed to help the participants in their transition from being a team member on equal terms with their peers to being team leader, often forced to take unpopular decisions.

The program will -

  • Initiate them into complexities of their new roles and provide them with the knowledge and skills to bridge the divide between their team and the management
  • Provide supervisors with necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to prepare new supervisors for their changing roles and responsibilities and increase their effectiveness.

By the end of the program, the participants will be able to:

  • Identify with the organisations values and culture
  • Develop a positive attitude to learning new skills and take personal responsibility in adapting to the new role.
  • Learn about various leadership styles and identify their own.
  • Understand their new roles and responsibilities better.
  • Identify barriers to communication and communicate better.
  • Learn to apply core managerial skills to manage self and others.
  • Build and motivate teams, by effective feedback and appreciation.
  • Coaching team

PROGRAM 2: Developing managerial skills - Click here to request for a tailored program