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References and Testimonials

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British International School - Vietnam

Alice Smith School – Kuala Lumpur

Australian International School

East View Secondary School

Canadian International School

Green Ridge Secondary School


National Junior College

Ngee Ann Polytechnics

Bukit Panjang Primary School

CHIJ St Theresa Covent School

Raffles Institute Boy Scout

Nanyang Polytechnics

Tampines Secondary School

ITE Macpherson

Malaysia Local schools

ITE East

Confucian Chinese Schools (KL)

ITE West

Geylang Methodist School (Secondary)

Nanyang Primary School

Woodgrove Secondary School

and many more...


Alice Smith School Kuala Lumpur – 5D4N Taman Negara, Malaysia – 85 pax (July 2012)

It was a great trip, thank you so much and see you next year!

Mark Williams, group leader and trip organizer

The International School at ParkCity (Kuala Lumpur) – 2D1N Taman Negara, Malaysia – 35 pax (June 2012)

This was the most exciting trip ever!

Shenika, student

I can’t wait to go there again.

Matthew Ng, student

Red Cross Youth – Visionning and alignement workshop – 20pax (June 2012)

The session provided direction to the participants in terms of thinking and visioning. It also provided us with some ideas about what we can do to move from integration to full-integration in terms of our mindsets, etc.


Fruitful experience where simple concepts are used to illustrate how things can / should work as a team and how the team can move forward.

This session is different from the norm where art [painting] comes into play to portrait the thoughts we had, nice!


Good to find out that everyone think alike about what Red Cross Youth is and which direction to move forward.

Amos Kow, participant

Very well packed and interesting workshop. I feel that innovative activities like the ball/aeroplane games to be great and helpful in defining what we think.


SJI Elementary School – 3D2N Pulai Desaru, Malaysia – 66pax (Sept. 2011)

We would like to acknowledge the professional OIA team, who were relentlessly energetic and organized.

Kelli, Anthony, Mojgan

British International School (Vietnam) – 6D5N Taman Negara – 106pax (Feb 2011)

This trip was one of the best I’ve even had. WE went to a very nice place and the activities we did were good and very helpful.

The staff was so friendly and organized, thank you!

John, Student

Firstly I thought that the trip was incredibly enjoyable and the exposure we had to nature was indeed a good one. It was an adventure that we probably will never forget!

Cheryl, student

I feel I have really learned from this experience, made new friends and drawn closer to old ones.

Jamie, student

I liked the night trekking the most. I enjoyed listening to guards explanations and I got a chance to see wild deers.

One of my favorite activities was going to the Malaysian Secondary School for team leadership building, it helped me to get better at it and gave me some advice.

Jason, student

Wood Groove Secondary School – Malaysia, Tioman 4D3N  Trip  –  4 days –  32 pax

I enjoyed the Tioman Trip and it was the most unforgettable moment for me. In this trip, I loved the snorkelling and saw many types of fishes living in the sea..It was very fin and i wished i can go again to Tioman.


This is my first time trip to Pulau Tioman. Ludo and Michelle is a great organiser & facilitators. I learn a lot of things about geography and also most important TEAM WORK.


Chatsworth International  School  – Singapore  “3D2N Year 4 Adventure CREA Camp @ Costa Sand Resort ” – 3days –  34 pax

The food and accommodation were excellent. Marshalls were great with kids. Thanks for being open to our feedback and being really proactive. We appreciate your efforts and great relationship with the students. They really liked the program and felt very safe. Excellent Camp!

Ms. Mapa, trip organizer 

Chatsworth International  School  – Singapore  “3D2N Year 5 Adventure CREA Camp @ Celestial Resort ” – 3days –  40 pax

The swimming in the lagoon& the team work activities were really fun. I had a great time & the best part was treasure hunting.

Risa, Student 

I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ again. The children had such a great time, they absolutely loved it and the parents were truly grateful for a quiet Friday evening. The organisation, the guides, the activities all were fantastic. I’d really appreciate it if you could pass on our thanks to all of the people who participated in the trip. Hopefully we may see you again for another trip in the future.

Rachel Curle, trip organizer

United Christian College ( Hongkong ) – Taman Negara, Malaysia – 6days – 22 pax

We enjoyed our time in Taman Negara. My students like the experience and some told me they miss Malaysia already! The log book is useful. The students can be encouraged to make good use of it and write their feedback/feeling on it. Some students are too shy to speak up, so the log book can be a good way to record their thoughts. Thank you for the arrangement, speciality to the facilitator, who facilitates the trip with great enthusiasm and professionalism.

Steven Chan, Geography Professor, Kowloon East, Hong Kong 

Chatsworth International School – CampAble, Bintan, Indonesia – 3 days – 60 pax

I would like to say many thanks on behalf of Year 4 to all involved in our two night three day excursion to Bintan. I speak for both the students and staff when I say it was absolutely fantastic! The children all had a superb time. They are all talking about it today and moaning that they want to be back in Bintan! The organization was excellent as where the activities. The activities were exciting and fun for the children. They thoroughly enjoyed kayaking, the mangrove boat tour and the elephant show.

Clare Taylor, trip organizer