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At the foundation of teamwork, soft skills training or leadership development lies a few simple principles: openness about oneself and others, willingness to learn and the ability to look beyond “right and wrong”, “success or failure”…

In fact every modicum of success implies a degree of failure, of trials and errors.  As individual the sooner we learn to accept our strength and weaknesses, our successes and our failures, the faster we will be on track for extra-ordinary performances and results.

Profiling tools – when they are tested and their reliability proven – are effective ways to achieve just about that.

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument is the most widely used personality assessment in the world. Formally translated into 16 1anguages, it is a growing force in team building, leadership and individual development in organizations. Based on the breakthrough work of Carl Jung, the MBTI assessment provides a description of individuals’ preferences for two cognitive activities: taking in information and organizing and processing the information in order to make decisions

People make use of their entire range of cognitive processes but tend to have a preference for using one over
all the others. Understanding these preferences and the role they play in people’s behavior can help increase collaboration and improve relationships, productivity, and efficiency in a work environment.

DISC Personality Profiling Analysis represents a breakthrough in analyzing a person’s ability to handle a job.  The original model of the instrument was designed by Dr. William Marston, who claimed that people generally would display one or more of the following characteristics in his / her working environment: Dominance, Influence (over others), Steadiness and Compliance