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Planning for a Business Meeting

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Planning for a business meeting requires a dedicated focus. Some of the key issues are not just organisational but also people-based: how will you keep your participants engaged and productive?

Remember: so much money is spent – not just to treat and pamper participants, not only to meet and discuss – but really money is spent so that out of these discussions and exchange something good, useful and constructive to the business take place.

In a nutshell you should aim for meeting that will leave participants:

Energised – Engaged – Motivated – Inspired - Connected

Example of business meetings OIA can help you move from good to great

Strategic regional meetings

Once in a while key managers meet up and review past achievements to actualise current plans and targets, review visions and discuss strategy and implementation. These meetings are essential and getting the most of them do matter a lot – for the CEO as well as for every single participants

Case study Aggrekko

Sales convention

Get your sales team ultra-motivated and make them feel special. The Gala dinner will reward the hard work while the teambuilding will ensure bonding strengthen and competitive spirit is kept alive, while a collaborative mindset is re-inforced

Case study Otto Garda

Board meetings

When the key people meet, no efforts should be spared so that everyone feels so special and the environment is inspiring and contributions are magically flowing

Planning for your meeting: below is a list of points you need to consider in the process of planning for your meeting:

  • Participants registration – online – offline – deadlines - consolidation
  • Plane tickets booking
  • Hotel booking – room requirements
  • Passport validity
  • Visa
  • Objectives for the meeting
  • Meeting requirements – setup – breakouts - …
  • Themes and concepts if any
  • Printing collaterals – give away pieces – leave pieces / room drops
  • Airports Transfers and other transfers
  • Meeting registration
  • Hospitality desk
  • Printing of documents
  • Translation
  • Photos, video