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As founder of OIA and CSR Active, I am committed to creating meaningful links between destinations, communities and responsible organizations – corporations or schools – and finally people willing to lend a pure heart and healthy mind to a good cause.

I will promote those destinations and activities in view of existing socially responsible initiatives. We will scan through and select what we believe are well-managed, honest and effective NGOs – big or small. We will strive to build a sustainable framwework working with them: in such a way that they can benefit on the long term. Volunteer-work need to be planned and organised with sustainability in mind: short term approach are often cosmetic at best and disruptive at worst for the so-called benefeciaries (the NGOs).

I will tell the stories of the people behind those amazing initiatives: NGOs, clients etc.... Not just talking about how amazing these people are, but sharing about what their drive, motivation and inspiration and of course the change they are bringing. These are stories of courage, perseverance, integrity & love, as well as sweat and pain too probably.

These countries that are the poorest keep amazing me for the smiles that radiate from their people.

NGOs OIA is committed working with: