Sat, 16 Feb 2019 03:53:30


Oia Learning Hub's Mission

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The classroom is not anymore the ideal setup for corporate training and leadership. The key word today is engagement and at OIA engagement of human capital, leadership and collaborative skills are our expertise. To help us support our client - better and deeper – we set up the OIA Learning Hub: A learning platform dedicated to engaged experiential learning for leadership and collaborative skills.

We look at learning as one of the most important human activities – as important as breathing almost – by which we mean that learning is an essential tool and function of man on earth. Therefore, we look at learning not just as an activity of the mind but something that links the body, mind, heart and soul of human being.

OIA Learning Hub looks at offering holistic learning solutions and bridging over the domain of the mind (and related fields and management practices such as management and organizational behaviour (OB) theory, planning techniques) with the domain of feelings (Emotional intelligence EQ, heart skills, questions of fears and perceived personal limitations) and the domain of action and doing (goals, performance).

The end goal is to ACHIEVE CORPORATE WELLNESS for our clients, using OIA innovative but simple engagement solutions.

To achieve so, OIA Learning Hub focuses on the following areas:

  • Foster and sustain an integrated network of facilitators with relevant, synergistic skill sets,
  • Design, create and run innovative activities that will help organizations achieve their learning and development objectives, while offering holistic, integrated learning solutions,
  • Experiential learning: to achieve these objectives, many of our solutions incorporate experiential learning modules,

Multiple intelligences: quite naturally, many of the experiences we create are tapping on the multiple intelligences as described in the multiple intelligence (MI) theory.