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Oia Holistic Approach

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When it comes to dealing with Organisational Development (OD) and training,  the material being dealt with is about change, culture (believes), team leadership and team membership, performance and the tools to manage all these aspects (for example using training tools or profiling tools).  We find that these kinds of challenges need to be dealt with at 4 levels:

  • The Mind (Thinking): This has to do with attitudes and seeing what are limiting mental models vs. those that can empower them to deal with complexity.
    E.g. We have found the ONE mindset that creates havoc in organizations in times of change and complexity is the tendency to blame and shifting that to ‘claiming’ is a vital transformational learning around Responsibility and Commitment.
  • The Heart (Feeling): This has to do with the whole subtlety and nuance of Relationships, Emotional Intelligence and Communication (Communion).

    We find that there are 4 essential skills which are also attitudes and ways of being which transform businesses and teams. These are Authentic Speaking, Deep Listening, Questioning from Wonder, Spacious Silence and dealing with feelings of Fear, Anger, and Sadness which often cripple organizations and teams.

  • The Body (Action): This has to do with the whole aspect of Results and Execution Intelligence. Structures and Systems and sustaining momentum. How to co-create results in space and time in the real world.

    But what is unique about our approach is the 4th dimension:

  • The Essence (Being): This is the Greatness and Purpose hidden inside each human being, team and organization. Contacting this hidden beauty puts people in touch with a flow that creates results that are non-linear and even magical. This is the power of Love in organizations. A love that is not just tender but also tough. That enables people to have loving confrontations, be peaceful warriors and corporate mystics. The power of intuition and connection with all of life.

The key distinction that we bring is that our work is not just ‘experiential’ but ‘existential’ – grounded in the reality of life vs. theoretical constructs and knowledge.

  • Holistic Learning: A combination of various approaches combined in a meaningful way

The intention is to focus first on the learning dynamics – starting from individual participants and evolving to the team dimension as well as the larger context of mission, projects, handling challenges together and then back to acquiring the ability of learning – learning to learn and personal Mastery.
Activities are chosen accordingly and there is flexibility in making these choices.
We are adding the dimension of “learning journey” to the course by injecting a continuous sense of discovery and organic progression that combines with the theme of transformational learning, growth and co-evolution. These aspects are – we believe – essential to the way the “new world” is shaping and therefore should be a continuous focus of the course.