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Negotiation Skills - Conflict Resolution

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PROGRAM 1: Negotiation – a win-win game
An interactive experiential learning program

Duration: Half day   - Full day or 2 Half day

Programme Overview
Negotiation is an aspect of working life that cannot be ignored irrespective of the role or job description. It is no longer limited to those in sales or those who are involved in forming business alliances. People need to negotiate with their peers, their superiors, their direct reports inside the organization and with vendors, partners and customers outside the organization. 

The old-fashioned understanding of negotiation was to win against the opponent. However, in this day and age when long-term business relationships are being recognized as the way to ensure higher profitability and efficiency, this theory no longer holds water. A win-lose solution to a negotiation only serves to end the relationship or at the very least cause distrust and further difficulties in dealing together, for the future. Long-term business relationships are invariably based on mutual trust and finding common goals.

Based on a strength-based approach, this course will teach you, through practical exercises, how to look for and find common goals, how to negotiate more effectively and profitably to create and maintain long-term business relationships for the future. Filled with real-life examples and laced with great amounts of humour and wit, this course will teach you habits that will stand you in good stead during most negotiation situations.

PROGRAM 2: Conflict Resolution - Click here to request for a tailored program

Level 3- Training - Training for soft skills - Negotiation skills – Conflict Resolution – program 1