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Leadership & Training Teambuilding

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10 to 25pax for leadership development – up to 120pax for leadership teambuilding

Leadership is a big word, commonly used for almost anything fancy, and sometimes if not often used in a confusing manner.

How do you bring clarity to the domain of leadership and leadership development?

OIA is proposing a triple approach:

  1. Peak Performance: Looking at every possible ways to lead teams effectively
  2. Working together: Looking at creating alignment between the people whose responsibility it is to lead and their team members
  3. Inspiring Leadership: Looking at ways to foster leadership and seek, encourage, nurture these qualities in people – whatever their ranks and position

The “Working Together” course for any group assumes that people want to be constructive and creative and it is their environment and working relationships, which influence how their energies are directed. Building trust is not a simple matter. What one person regards as fair or honest may not exactly correspond with another person’s view. Understanding how people see the world and then acting on this understanding is a key element of leadership work and is central to this course.

Peak Performance I Working Together I Inspiring Leadership

Peak Performance

  • Challenge-based sessions to foster closer team spirit. Develop a clear understanding of Trust and Communication and Leadership styles in the participants’ teams (either in the office or in the outdoors!). Work as a team and acquire techniques in solving problems creatively through stimulating activities; learn to identify your own, as well as team members, strengths and weaknesses for improved cohesiveness and communication.
    • Basics of teamwork: Trust and Communication
    • Maintaining teams, collaboration
    • Group Problem solving, Leadership and Teamwork