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Planning for Leadership Development Travel and Expedition

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OIA – as a leading Experiential Centre for Leadership and Teambuilding – designs and runs leadership course, retreat and expeditions.

Faithful to OIA vision of “travel and learn”, OIA design their courses as “learning journeys” able to empower participants with practical, effective leadership and learning skills as well as an inspiring understanding of collaborative and co-creative skills and mindset.

OIA programs combine 12-years of experiential learning education – using both proven outdoor education framework and the most prominent leadership development concepts – while injecting a continuous sense of discovery and organic progression of participants and learning.

The theme of organic progression and evolution combines with the theme of transformational learning, growth and co-evolution. These aspects are – we believe – essential to the way the “new world” is shaping and therefore should be a continuous focus of 16-day course – while being “offered” in a simple and easily understandable settings – through world class facilitation.

Course design and development

Based on a proven and tested learning framework – combining specific concepts and practical approaches familiar with OIA trainers and associate trainers in both fields of Experiential Learning, Outdoor Education and Leadership development, OIA has adopted and developed a typical structured learning framework for their programs.

This framework combines a tested leadership development approach (based Kouzes and Posner) combined with David Kolb’s learning styles, Hopson & Kelly’s transformational learning approach and OIA experiential  “whole learning” approach which offers a simple, Asia-relevant framework for experiential learning. The aim of OIA Whole Learning approach is to generate learning to the participants which is SMART:

  • Simple
  • Material i.e. relevant in life situations
  • Applicable i.e. transferable to other specific situations
  • Real i.e. the felt it and an experience happened directly to them or the group
  • Transferable – it can be reproduced through time

“Whole Learning” OIA Experiential Learning framework

OIA “whole learning” approach which offers a simple, Singapore relevant framework for experiential learning. The aim of OIA Whole Learning approach is to generate learning to the participants which is SMART (read above)

  1. Grasping with my world
    1. My world?
    2. My rules?
    3. My values?
    4. Managing my world – Personal Mastery
  2. Working together
    1. Needs and challenges working together
    2. My ability to work with others
    3. Understanding teamwork and how team work (team formation to transformation)
    4. Change management
  3. Inspiring leadership
    1. Finding and Appreciating our inner abilities
    2. Creation, co-creation
    3. Service and servant leadership
    4. Leaders as facilitators
    5. Leading change
  4. Understanding & adopting a changing world
    1. What is changing
    2. EQ
    3. Multiple intelligences
    4. Leadership concepts and situations