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CSR in Thailand

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CIP in Phuket:

Example of CIP in Phuket

  • Life Home Project (HIV home care)
    • By making donation: general household consumer product for sanitary items, culinary items or women or baby supplies
    • Sponsor special meals or activities for mothers and children to have a joyful time
    • By purchasing LHP Art & Handicraft for your personnel or introduce our product for being a suitable supplier for your family party or company event, which all benefit will come to both our foundation and HIV women themselves, also encourage woman who participate the training skill to continuing their job.
    • By funding agencies to create the fund raising event with your own celebrity friend in company or you can offer something that we can use to raise funds (for example for a prize draw or raffle) or being our guest in our annually fund raising event
    • By helping with publicity or display space, if you are in some business or industrial that maybe you have space to display some leaflets about our work or our LHP Art & Handicraft to be present our foundation for public.
  • Life home Project is A Home for HIV/AIDS Women and Their Children in Thailand. Located in Siray area, Life Home Project (LHP) was set up in 2001. Began as a small shelter in May 2001 offering help to few HIV positive individuals it has blossomed into community of 22 children, 10 of which are orphans and 25 adults.

    What can be done?

    Children Day Care

    For families affected by HIV who have burdens in taking care of young children which may cause them difficulties to earn for living, we provide day care for their children for them to be able to work.  We also provide meals and development to them during they are under our care.

    Women’s shelter and work training for HIV affected women
    We develop physical and mental strength with arts and other adequate work skills for those HIV affected people in order to be able to stand on their own with opportunity to earn their household income.

  • ACF
  • It is ACF's aim to bring change in communities by providing educational opportunities to disadvantaged children. ACF also identify needs in the community, find partners to fund projects and train and develop locals to become leaders and to make a difference in the community.
    ACF has provided scholarship assistance to families affected by the tsunami. The program has since expanded to provide help to disadvantaged students from any age, sex or religion. A sponsorship of B10 000 per year helps a child throughout the school year to afford books and stationary, school clothes, shoes and bags as well as lunch. Scholarships are provided to pre- and primary students. This program has made a difference to more than 400 students’ lives until now.

    CIP in Bangkok:

  • The Duang Prateep Foundation
  • In the nineteen sixties one Klong Toey Slum dweller was a teenage girl working on the docks to pay her way through a teacher training college. Prateep Ungsongtham had spent only four years at primary school but this was enough to show her that education could transform lives. As a 12-year-old worker she began to save from her meagre wages to pay for secondary education at night school. She was awarded a place at a college of education and, since there were no schools for the slum children, she decided to open one herself at her home in the slum.

    She soon found that much of her time was spent helping the children and their families to cope with the conditions of slum life rather than formal teaching. Her prime educational concern was giving these deprived families some belief in themselves and hope for the future. When they were threatened with eviction, Prateep's neighbours asked her to put their case to the landowner, the government and the news media. It was a formidable task for a slum girl not yet 20, but she rose to it triumphantly.

    This was to be the first, unexpected step in a career of public service on behalf of the urban poor. It was to bring Prateep the Magsaysay and Rockefeller awards that enabled her to establish the Duang Prateep Foundation, as well as gaining her the trust of both slum people and the Government.

  • Puppets at the Duang Prateep Foundation
  • The Duang Prateep Foundation's mobile puppet troupe is called Nithan Caravan.
    Nithan is the Thai word for tale or fable and the role of the troupe is to bring fables and tales to children throughout Thailand.
    The puppeteers have several objectives in their work, which combines education with entertainment.
    The troupe is working to encourage an interest in books and study, they are trying to teach children about Thai culture, they are looking to make youngsters more environmentally aware and to instil sound morals and behaviour in their audiences, all the while making sure that everyone has fun.

  • The Mercy School System
  • Mandate: Go to school.
    Number of Mercy Preschools: 25 (24 in Bangkok metro-area, 1 in Koh Lao, Ranong)
    Number of Students: 3,000

  • Mercy Orphanages and Shelters
  • Mandate:  Protection, Caring, Education, a Future full of Opportunities

    Number of Children: Currently 190 children.
    The Care We Provide: The HDF operates six Mercy homes for children. Every child who comes to live with us comes from somewhere: a home, a village, a place full of relatives, people they call Aunty and Uncle, Grandma and Grandpa. Our goal with all of our children is to help them return home whenever possible, in those cases where the home environment is loving and nurturing. We raise the children in the religious faith of their parents and teach them to respect all religions.

  • Plant a Tree Today (PATT) Foundation
  • Plant a Tree Today (PATT) Foundation works to take action against deforestation and climate change through native forest restoration. We aim to raise awareness of global environmental issues and campaign for better environmental practices.

    PATT Foundation was founded in 2005 and is a UK Registered Charity and Thai Foundation.

  • Phra Pradaeng, Thailand
  • Often called the 'lungs of Bangkok' this community forest project aims to re-establish ecologically diverse forest within an area previously used for agriculture. As one of the last remaining natural area within Bangkok this site is incredibly valuable as it increases wildlife habitat, improves water and air quality and also acts as an educational resource for city kids (and adults).