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CSR in Singapore

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  • Cook for the elderly and the needy
    • Event conceptualization and management
    • Interface with the beneficiaries,
    • Providing the equipment
    • Coordination and facilitation
  • Volunteers will do the cooking for the people in need (old folks, children,…). Your team will prepare special dishes and create the extraordinary from the ordinary!  Give your best to prepare delicious dishes and open your heart as your serving special people – they will truly appreciate and this is your dear reward.

    OIA Scope

  • Elderly Visitation
  • Volunteers will visit  elderly folks of less priviledged background, giving them encouragement, a listening ear, and practical help to their problems and other needs . Whenever we give to the needy there is an overwhelming sense of happiness which enriches our lives, especially when we can relate to them and get to know them as we help them.

    OIA Scope

  • Project Landscape clean up cum landscape-improvement
  • Find your green thumb and leave a joyous patch of green for the inmates to enjoy.

    OIA Scope

  • Project Paint & Clean
  • Painting two large exterior walls of the center at the HDB void deck and two gates

    Putting your hands to work to clean up the centers top to bottom – spick and span… all in a day work

    OIA Scope

  • Project  Coastal Cleanup
  • Refuse has become a significant issue for land scarce Singapore, and long-term solutions are being investigated by the Ministry of the Environment (ENV). Most of the trash is mainly plastic and does not degrade for years, building up at the HWST level to form a strand line, or more appropriately, a trash line! In our mangroves, this is along sandbanks at the seaward edge, and landward behind the mud lobster mound systems. It is thus rarely seen by visitors to our parks.The localized accumulation actually makes the removal of trash easier if attempted. But this is a sizeable job, for the incoming tide has probably deposited trash flotsam for decades.

    Mangroves: Pasir Ris, Ubin, Sembawang etc…