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Example of programs

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Singapore  Cambodia: Siem Reap,  Phnom Phen – Indonesia: Bandung, Yoyakarta

Cambodia, Siem Reap

Proklung Khmer: Pottery and Weaving Training Center

Cotton weaving: Prolung Khmer, through this training program wants to revive and continue the beautiful art of cotton weaving and natural coloured dyes but with a difference – introducing more vibrant colours and different sizes to kramas

Ceramics: The ceramics produced by Prolung Khmer are a revival of this ancient craft which roots trace as far as the pre-Angkorian kingdoms of Chenla and Funan, as archeological diggings have discovered.

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The Osmose project: preserving biodiversity, improving livelihoods

Osmose – an NGO working jointly with WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) – has implemented a pilot conservation and development project in Prek Toal areaby. Initially the aim was to protect from exctinction several species of beautiful endangered water birds – unique to the unique Tonle Sap Great Lakes eco-system.

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Sunrise Children’s village

Sunrise is a non-religious organization with centres outside Phnom Penh and in Siem Reap, providing shelter, food, clothing, education, medical/dental care, and vocational training, while nurturing the traditional Buddhist culture to orphans and disadvantaged children and youth in Cambodia. Most importantly, Sunrise gives love in a family environment.

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