Corporate Visits & Business School


Credentials: OIA has long and solid fundations in the corporate world. OIA funder and CEO – Mr Ludovic Odier -  has graduated from a prestigious European MBA – ESSEC – whose presence in Asia (Singapore, China) allows to build connections and relationships with businesspeople and entrepreneurs accross Asia.

Besides Mr Ludovic Odier received in 2004 the prestigious award for Best Entrepreneur between France and Asia. Over the years, OIA has built a solid network of relationships with many organisations and businessmen and women.

Services: OIA will be able to select suitable businesses and business people in various Asian destinations.

The process will follow the following steps:

  1. Pre-selection and review with client

Optionally: Help to create business case studies

  1. Contact and planning
  2. Visit preparation: focus, modalities (meeting / interviews / plenary sessions / site visits etc...), agenda
  3. Visit coordination on-site
  4. Visit consolidation (optional)

Modalities: To make the experience rich, enriching and engaging, OIA suggests to follow a variety of sessions and encounters: