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Technical enforcement

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Exhibition Management

Some conferences involve bringing sponsors and building booth. Services OIA can provide:

  • Provide the floorplan or draw-ups for exhibition booths
  • Create/provision of exhibitor's manual
  • Desemination of exhibitor's manual
  • Oversee the set up and tear down of Exhibition booths
  • Handle all onsite additional logistical requirements
  • Handle all additional billing issues by Sponsors

Examples of specific requirements OIA can help you handle:

  • Double-sided poster panels (white system panels, 2.25m x 1m) with 100W long-arm with spotlights/gooselights on top of each panel & • Graphic label/printout with poster number on each panel
  • Electronic Display Panels
  • Units of LCD display panels (portrait/standing view) to flash Scientific posters entries

OIA Conference  Audio-Visual Enforcement.

Probably the most under estimated yet single most important factor in the success of an event is the quality of the crew, each technician on OIA event has proven experience, expertise and dedication to excellence. The equipment we use is chosen specifically to meet the technical requirements of the job and to ensure that it all works together flawlessly we pay special attention to technical planning and system configurations.
Conferences - AGMs, Analyst Briefings, Staff Updates, Product Launches, Experience counts for everything when you only have one chance to get it right. In a high pressure environment the trust that our clients place in us is reflected in the flawless execution of our events from start to finish.

Example of AV equipment and services

  • Wireless Microphones
  • Floor Microphones
  • 5000 ANSI  / 10000 ANSI lumens XGA LCD Projectors
  • Comfort Monitor for speakers' slides
  • Sound board
  • LCD Timer Counter for Keynote and Plenary speeches
  • Video Recording & LIVE Feed for Main Ballrooms
  • Video Recording equipment (eg. Monitor, Player, Recorder) with Professional Videographer & Essential cables and accessories for Recording and LIVE Feed/Simultaneous Broadcast to another room
  • Conference Microphone System and Power Supply Unit (up to 35 mics)"
  • Ensure all Audio/Visual requirements are met & are in good working conditions onsite


We offer exceptional variety lighting, ambiance lighting - Enhancing your events with spectacular lightings to create the WOW factor - We'll work with you to create the perfect event.

Karaoke Mobile Systems

We also specialise in Karaoke Mobile Systems. With Over 20,000 Songs Including

  • Mandarin,Taiwanese,
  • Cantonese, Japanese,
  • English, Malay, Indonesia
  • And Children too

We provide Quality Karaoke Audio Sound Systems for all events at AFFORDABLE rates.

KARAOKE For All Events such as Birthday Parties, Chalets Parties, Wedding & Solemnization Events, Staff Gatherings, Anniversaries, Dinner & Dance And many more events. We set it up - you sing – anywhere!