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Charity and Community-support Program

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Charity and Community work

This is work which is based on project that will benefit local communities in various ways. It could relate to vulnerable communities like Orang Asli or communities linked with a specific eco-system, like fishermen or farmers or simply people living in traditional villages/kampong and whose lifestyle become both a showcase of ancient times and something to appreciate and possibly protect or nurture.

Environmental programs 

  • In Langkawi, a project was aiming at helping educate fishermen on sustainable fishing, while promoting conservation efforts among both islanders and developers.
  • Learning the basics of 3Rs especially the “Reduce” part: often villagers do not realise that plastic bottles when burned release toxic smokes. To avoid families and children being affected, sharing the importance of keeping plastic bottles apart and setting up a relevant system will make a big difference to the villagers
  • Planting vegetables and fruit trees

Hygiene and Health 

  • Building clean washing areas: build simple concrete area for cloth washing
  • Netting around schools or houses to prevent from insect bites
  • Helping build water access

Educational Programs

  • Painting the school’s wall: often the village is too poor to afford the paint that is required to make the school’s walls presentable. As the saying goes ‘Cleanliness is Godliness” and it is well known that self respect starts with a clean and decent environment. Children and teachers will feel proud working in a good school environment.
  • Teaching English – Conversation, Simple Teaching Material, School Stationary
  • Helping build play grounds

Social Enterprise

  • Supporting vocational training and individual enterprise
  • For example, working with Salvation Army small craft vocational training for mentally impaired youth or projects supporting employability