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Business Case Studies

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During the last 10 years, OIA teambuildings have been used successfully to achieve a broad range of business objectives.

Here is a list of various business objectives that our client achieved tapping on our business consultants’ expertise:

Soft skill trainings EPSON: Supervisory skills & Motivation at work
Leadership development Deutsche Telekom: Working Together
Salesmanship Singapore Press Holdings: Pirate Odyssey
Sales Leadership: Virtual Team Cable & Wireless
Customer Service OCBC
Safety Leadership Saipem & ExxonMobil
Strategic Planning Subordinates Courts “Rethinking the Model of Justice”
Empowerment Coca Cola: Volunteer training
Marketing initiatives Coca-Cola
Climate Survey & Mission Vision Reinforcement CSFB audit
Simplicity P&G
Corporate Value integrity Schering Plough: Murder at the stables