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Best Team Inquiry

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Appreciative Inquiry is a form of action research that attempts to help groups, organizations and communities create new, generative images for themselves based on an affirmative understanding of their past.

How do people come to have conversations in groups that generate new, affirming and generative images of the group?

OIA is using the result of valuable experimentation by researcher and trainer Gervase R Busche (PhD) with a form of appreciative inquiry (Cooperrider & Srivastva, 1987) that was shown to help create those kinds of conversations and lead to productive, developmental changes in teams.
The "best team" inquiry has been experimentally shown to affect groups positively. It helps members of new teams establish personal identity and differentiate themselves. New teams can also benefit from this way of generating "group guidelines" and appreciative recognition can help to build group cohesion. Ongoing teams can benefit from a "best team" inquiry in several ways. It can help to create a safe gateway into difficult issues for a group. When lack of appreciation is the issue, it can create so much tension in members that they deal up their resentments and expectations. It can aid the development of shared mental maps of group success. It can help create affirming, generative images that allow for a different discourse, a different set of understandings and opportunities to materialize for a group. Last, it can be therapeutic for a group stuck in a paradox.

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